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Comic books, TV, movies, comic book TV and movies! Geek and pop culture news and more!


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About QS Geekcast

The show that launched a network, the Geekcast gives you your much needed fix of pop and geek culture news, trivia, and laughs. All the latest talk that would be considered relevant and "hip". People still say "hip" right?

This is what we wish AM radio was like, and so much more.

The Quit Stalling Geekcast records LIVE each week on twitch.tvQuitStalling

Friday                                         Thursday

11:00am Manila (+8 GMT)         8:30pm Pacific (-7 GMT)


Juancho Saldana

Juancho is your typical everyday Pokémon Master/Apprentice Sorcerer/Part-time Alchemist. But in all seriousness it’s hard to keep track of what life he’s living at the moment with his love of all things fantasy, from Buckkeep to Westeros he could be anywhere. So it you want to find him for sure, you can always catch him with his fellow Quit Stalling co-hosts at the Geekcast! Being never late nor early, arriving precisely as he means to.


Herald Silvestre

Herald is a co-founder of Quit Stalling. He hosts the Quit Stalling Geekcast, and GameByte. He is also an esports caster/director/producer.


Derek O'Bryan

Known to his grasshoppers as Sensei Humor, 

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