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Play Overwatch with the friendliest and deadliest.


About Quit Stalling Overwatch Community Scrim Night

Have you always wanted to play organized pick-up Overwatch?

Whether you're preparing for a tournament, practicing for competitive mode, or just want to meet new people, our Scrim Nights are for you!

Just add QuitStalling#1904 on or Overwatch, log into the Americas server, and whisper us for an invite!

Scrim Nights are recorded and shoutcasted LIVE on twitch.tvQuitStalling


9:30pm Manila (+8 GMT)
6:30am Pacific (-7 GMT)

Diego Zuluaga



He goes by many names, "Mr. Ultiverse", "Videogaming's Jack Black", and "The Terror that Faps in the Night". But one thing is for sure, Diego "DZ" Zuluaga is still thinking of more!


With a laugh that can pierce sound barriers harder than a hardened Metapod, there is surely no crowd he cannot please. Coupled by his skills as a Director, DZ has the makings of a true entertainer.

Herald Silvestre


Herald is a co-founder of Quit Stalling. He hosts the Quit Stalling Geekcast, and GameByte. He is also an esports caster/director/producer, and can be regularly found during the QS Overwatch Scrim Nights.

Mick De Guzman


Quit Stalling's resident tavern keeper,

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